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he/him-trans fag latine anarchist
contact: [email protected]


Matteo | Muerto | Mueritos
he/him | 22 | virgo | infj
gay aro trans latine (mexican)
identical twin sibling is @fatsmyname
t-date: 9/20/19
Top Surgery date: 6/4/21
2023 graduate with a BA in Spanish and a minor in Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies. Interested in decolonization, marginalized liberation, and queer theory. Current first year MSW student in Boston, MA with the hopes of becoming a clinical social worker.When not busy with school, I am an amateur webcomic creator and artist. I also like to play guitar and sing sometimes. I also enjoy DIY and sewing/creating fun things.


  • Exclusionists

  • Truscum/transmed/terf

  • proshippers

  • anti-mogai

  • like killing stalking or other fetishized depictions of mlm/yaoi/or wlw

  • against leftist ideas


  • If you're overtly christian, catholic, and push those ideas onto people. just dont talk that shit near me and we're good.

  • white liberals (not a joke yall have microaggressed me too many times to count)


I do not hesitate to block, delete, or shut down what I deem as ignorance on my page. I am an anarchist/leftist who prioritizes marginalized liberation.I do not intend to humor any sentiments that are gaslighting marginalized struggle ("not all cops are bad", "it's not that bad to be gay/Black/Latino/Asian/etc in the US anymore"), nor do I intend to humor any sentiments that ask for marginalized groups to appeal to their oppressors ("we need to be respectful to cops and let them into Pride" "pride is for cishets +allies too" "gay/Black/latino/etc people should just be nice").I reserve the right to cultivate my page and my space the way I want to. Alt-right pages seem to get the excuse of "freedom of speech", yet the moment leftists want a leftist space, y'all are crying about exclusion and echochambers. If you think me setting boundaries is me refusing to listen to outside ideas (you're not original, chances are I've heard them a million times already), or that I'm being rude, then so be it. I want an anarchist/leftist/marginalized safe space, and I will do what I need to to get that. I do not care if that means blocking you. Don't say stupid shit, and you're fine.*Note, if you do want to ask a question about something, feel free to dm me! I really would appreciate tone indicators, because I often CANNOT differentiate who is asking with good intentions and who is asking with bad intentions. At this point with the amount of harassment I get, I have to assume most folks are bad. Don't take this personally if I come off aloof, I just literally can't tell if you mean well or not. Sorry if I do!


What do you use to draw?
I use clip studio paint and my Cintiq 13HD for comic pages and editing. I use Procreate on my ipad for some art.
Can I repost your art/posts?
Sure, just credit me.
Can I use your art as an icon or pfp?
Sure, just don't use art of my ocs or of myself. Don't use my art for banners/overlays unless given permission or it's from a commission.
Can I dm you with a question?
Yes, but please understand I suck so bad at responding to people and I get a lot of dms. If it's urgent, I'm more likely to respond on tumblr pms.
Why not "muertitos"?
Unfortunately "muertitos" is taken on nearly all of the social medias I'm on, so while I would have liked "muertitos", I actually prefer "mueritos"! If you know Spanish, you would know that "muertitos" directly translates to "little dead ones". Adding the ending -ito or -ita makes a word affectionate or cute. Because the root word in "mueritos" is "muerto" and the ending is "ito", I doubt any Spanish speakers will have any trouble understanding that the word has a similar meaning to "muertitos". Language is a game, play with the rules :)
Some artists that inspire you?
@star_bite/princecanary, Alice Oseman, J.C Leyendecker, @tinyangryghost, and @AMBST